Sex Positions for Virgins


The main reason this sex position is recommended for virgins is because it creates a feeling of closeness. This is vital during the first time when partners are a bit nervous. Spooning ensures a relatively shallow penetration and easy access to the clitoris and breasts. This makes the experience more sensual. Without moving an inch, partners can comfortably fall into post sex sleep in this position.

Girl On Top

The Girl on Top is a killer position for most people. In addition to giving you a better view of your lover during sex, it gives the woman control over the pleasure and how deep the penis goes. Having the woman on top allows for a wide range of modifications including how fast she wants to be penetrated. When the woman is in control, she feels more comfortable. She also enjoys the chance to direct the experience towards what makes her juices flow.

If you or your partner is a virgin, try any of these positions to ensure ultimate pleasure during your first intercourse.

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